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The road to addiction recovery is a difficult path for just about anyone who finds themselves dependent on a substance. While the benefits of getting sober are limitlessly rewarding, it takes effort and dedication to effectively treat an addiction and work towards a fulfilling life.

The cycle of drug addictions can be very difficult to break on your own. When times get tough, you will be tempted to turn to using drugs or alcohol to help you deal with stress. But if you’re serious about breaking the habit and living a healthy life, you need to completely eliminate your addiction by taking into account your overall mental health.

Visiting a substance abuse treatment facility is the best way to treat your drug and/or alcohol addiction. Drug rehab centers are designed to provide you with the environment and care you need to get off drugs and live a life you’re proud of.

Why a Drug Rehab Facility is Important

While you may believe you can kick your drug or alcohol addiction without the help of a professional, you almost never can get to the true root of the problem without professional assistance. An addiction is emotional, psychological, and physical. You may need to treat any underlying mental disorders that are contributing to the addiction. Nearly half of all people with an addiction also have an underlying illness that requires extensive treatment before we can effectively treat the addiction.

At Heather's House Institute and our addiction recovery center in Spring, Texas, we provide each of our clients with dual diagnosis screening. Through dual diagnosis mental health treatment, our clients are able to overcome the emotional and psychological roadblocks of addiction.

Treating an Addiction Physically

The physical dependence on drugs or alcohol is what we most commonly associate with addiction. If you’ve been using drugs or alcohol consistently, your body can feel like things aren’t “normal” without using.

At our Spring addiction recovery facility, you will be provided the appropriate treatment for overcoming the physical aspect of addiction. The first step of overcoming your addiction is to go through the withdrawal process at our drug detox clinic in Spring.

Going through detox on your own can be dangerous and uncomfortable. That is why Heather's House Institute provides you with supervision as soon as you enter the drug rehab clinic. With professionals overseeing the process, you can ensure this phase of your addiction recovery program is as smooth and as comfortable as possible.

After the detox stage is complete, your recovery team will continue to help liberate you from your addiction to the drug for your entire stay at our Spring addiction treatment center.

Treating an Addiction Emotionally

The emotional component of addiction is often forgotten, but it is extremely important to your treatment. If you are able to understand why you feel the way you do and break those habits, you can eliminate your addiction.

There are numerous ways our addiction treatment facility in Spring will help you address the emotional connection to using drugs or alcohol. However, treating the emotional side of your addiction typically begins with various forms of therapy.

During treatment, you will have one-on-one therapy with a professional who can help you speak openly and honestly about your addiction and what pushed you to begin using. You will also have group therapy meetings, which allow you to hear other experiences and perspectives as well as share your own. Therapy with friends or family members is also an option during your stay at the facility.

Through group therapy and community meetings, you will be able to build a strong support system with the other clients at the center. These relationships may last for years after you have left our rehab, always encouraging you to move forward to achieve your goals of living drug-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How long does treatment last?
Addiction recovery is a long-term process that takes years to achieve stable sobriety, but it only gets easier as time goes by. Treatment at our drug rehab centers lasts from 30 to 90 days, but it depends on the person, their addiction, and their needs.
2What is dual diagnosis?
Dual diagnosis mental health treatment is a method of addiction recovery that aims to acknowledge, identify, and address the root core of the problem through mental health treatment and therapies that facilitate trauma and other underlying issues.
3Do I have to go to group meetings?
Yes, it is mandatory to go to group meetings. We also ask that you are completely honest and transparent during them. Once you open your mind to the idea, you will find that it is incredibly beneficial to you and your addiction recovery.
4Do you customized treatment plans?
Definitely. We go above and beyond to ensure that each program we administer is personalized to the individual by taking into account their individual needs and situation. The best treatment is the treatment that is based around you.

Compassionate Employees

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