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Drug addiction not only affects the lives of those who are addicted, it affects the ones their loved ones, friends, and family. Drug addiction does not discriminate when it comes to age, gender, location, religious, or political affiliation. Unfortunately, drug addiction is spreading across the country at an alarming rate, with the number of overdoses rising. If you or someone that you love is in the throes of addiction, Heather’s House Recovery is here to help at our addiction recovery program in Wakefield, Massachusetts.

We Can Treat Any Addiction

The recent phenomenon is addictions that stem from previous physical issues, such as a past surgery or a serious back or neck problem. The person was prescribed opioid painkillers for the issue and took them as needed, but quickly developed an addiction to them without realizing it. Physical withdrawal symptoms from prescription drugs can be just as bad as withdrawal from illicit drugs, the addiction just as intense.

Some clients check into our Wakefield addiction treatment facility with addictions to illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and PCP. Others are addicted to alcohol and do not know how to stop drinking. Our drug detox clinic in Wakefield is equipped to handle every case that comes our way with patience and care. We offer a safe and compassionate environment for anyone who needs to detox and rehabilitate at our Wakefield substance abuse treatment facility.

Our Rehabilitation Process- Step-by-Step

We offer full detox and rehabilitation services at all Heather’s House drug rehab centers. The process begins when clients go through the intake stage. However, treatment doesn’t end when you leave, as we offer many aftercare services after you have been discharged from our Wakefield drug rehab facility. We provide many treatment options for clients while they are with us, especially those that are geared towards therapy and self-help. Our addiction specialists stay with our clients every step of the way while they are at our addiction recovery center in Wakefield to ensure their continued success. Our addiction recovery facility is a safe and comfortable space that allows for the growth and progress of our clientele.

The Process of Detoxification

One of the biggest adversaries that many of our clients have faced is trying to make it through withdrawal symptoms safely. We offer a secure place to detox, with managed, supervised, and interminable care. Clients will always be carefully monitored by professionals while they are in our care and going through active withdrawal. It can be almost impossible detoxing on your own, as well as dangerous, so we make sure that you always get the care you deserve and come to a Heather’s house detox clinic.

Therapy Options at Our Wakefield Addiction Treatment Center

We are proud to offer a variety of treatment method for our clients. These include therapy and counseling sessions that are both public and private. One-on-one therapy sessions include the use of dual diagnosis techniques to ensure we get to the root of the problem. If you have a coexisting mental mood disorder, we will diagnose and treat it simultaneously with your addiction. Nearly half of all people with an addiction also have a mental disorder that requires adequate attention to address the root causes of the dependence in order to treat your overall mental health.

Group therapy sessions are also in place to help clients meet others who are going through the same trials and tribulations. We have found that our group therapy helps clients by giving them the opportunity to gather advice and experience from others who are going through similar challenges.

Aftercare-An Important Part of Addiction Recovery

We always provide aftercare services, including several different counseling choices for our clients. Staying sober is a choice that one must make every day, we are here to help keep you on that path. Call today and make an appointment at our drug rehab in Wakefield, Massachusetts right away to get the care and help that you need and deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How long does treatment last?
Addiction recovery is a long-term process that takes years to achieve stable sobriety, but it only gets easier as time goes by. Treatment at our drug rehab centers lasts from 30 to 90 days, but it depends on the person, their addiction, and their needs.
2What is dual diagnosis?
Dual diagnosis mental health treatment is a method of addiction recovery that aims to acknowledge, identify, and address the root core of the problem through mental health treatment and therapies that facilitate trauma and other underlying issues.
3Do I have to go to group meetings?
Yes, it is mandatory to go to group meetings. We also ask that you are completely honest and transparent during them. Once you open your mind to the idea, you will find that it is incredibly beneficial to you and your addiction recovery.
4Do you customized treatment plans?
Definitely. We go above and beyond to ensure that each program we administer is personalized to the individual by taking into account their individual needs and situation. The best treatment is the treatment that is based around you.

Compassionate Employees

You will be in the right hands at Heathers House Recovery. Our experts are extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and empathetic.